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Yes, You Can Have It All…But It Will Cost You

Nearly 12 months, 365 days, 8,760 hours have passed since the moment my life changed forever. Nineteen hours of labor seems like a distant memory…well, if I think about it long enough I do have flashbacks of terror. Being pregnant and giving birth…
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Making Time for What Matters This Christmas

  It’s Kingston’s first Christmas!!! It’s hard to believe that on the week of Christmas last year, we discovered that I was pregnant. Now, four months and fourteen days after his birth, our little one will be celebrating his first Christmas. This month…
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Why This Thanksgiving Was So Spectacular

This Thanksgiving was spectacular for so many reasons. I spent time on Thanksgiving morning, thinking and praying for those who are dealing with loss, loneliness and darkness during the holidays. I know that it can be difficult and extremely painful. However, I’m a…
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Lessons from My First Month of Motherhood

So, it’s been six weeks since our world turned upside down for all the right reasons! Kingston rules our house these days and he has our hearts wrapped around his tiny winy pinky. What in the world can prepare you for the job…
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My New Normal

This month, I added a new title to my name…Mommy. On August 11, 2016 at 4:41 PM, our lives changed forever. Kingston Edward Simkins was born. I’ve heard my mom and others talk about this overwhelming sense of love that comes at birth.…
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