Simple Steps To Build A Better Future

Simple Steps To Building A Better Future

Question: Have you been sitting on the sidelines recently?

Regardless of what your title might be at work, or how your daily personal life might be going, odds are, you’re currently in your comfort zone. 

I’ve been there, so many of us have. Comfort zones are cozy, and warm, and we feel great there. But here’s the reality… growth and transition doesn’t happen in comfort zones

Building a better future doesn’t happen in comfort zones. 

How To Start Building A Better Future

In order to begin to stretch ourselves, and kick-start that growth process, we must look forward, lay a stake in the group, and decide what it is that we truly want and desire. 

But here’s the key to building your future; we must take action ourselves, instead of sitting, and waiting for permission from someone else to do this.

How To Make Your Future Bright

There’s a chance that you not might even realize that you’re being complacent about your future, it’s an easy spot to get stuck in.

Here’s a simple way to run through a check:

  1. “Is what I’m doing today, truly designing the life and the career that I want?”
  2. “Am I spending the precious time that I have doing what fuels me, what is drive by purpose, and what allows me to be my best?”
  3. “Am I working with the people and the teams who encourage me, support me, and believe in me?”

Build A Better Future: Evaluate.

Have you answered the above questions? Good. The next step is to take that evaluation, now knowing where some holes or needs may be, and ask yourself, 

“What do I need to do to stand up for the life that I want, and that I deserve?”

This is a powerful question, yet answering it, and acting on it, can truly help to build the future that you truly desire.

A tip to keep in mind as your walk through this exercise is that your work and your life must coexist. You are the same person leaving your house who is walking into your workplace, and if you’re able to blend these two worlds together, while building a future that is making an impact, this ultimately is going to allow you to bring your best to the table. 

Building A Better Future: Are You Living Below Your True Potential?

In order to truly live our best lives, build better futures, and be a potentialist, we must challenge ourselves, for ourselves. 

Read that again. If you do not do this for yourself, then it’s not going to work. 

Identify the future that you want, as a leader. Then stand up, and say, “This is what I want.” 

This empowers you to own your voice, as well as your decisions, and the choice to move into the future and life that we desire. 

I hope that this encourages you to stop waiting on permission from others, and instead, to go after it. Put that stake in the ground, make the changes that you want to see, and do it on your own terms. 

Want more help planning, and building for a better future? Download my Personal Brand Action Template here! 

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