Bonding with Baby Simkins Using BellyBuds!

We are only one month away from Baby Simkins’ arrival and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Creating a new life is truly a miracle from God and we are so grateful! Our fertility journey has made me even more grateful for our blessing and I’ve been soaking up every minute. One of my favorite ways to connect with Baby Simkins is with my BellyBuds!

BellyBuds are small speakers that adhere to my belly so that Will and I can speak to and play soothing sounds directly to the womb. Sometimes while I’m catching up on my pregnancy magazines, I’ll read to the baby and Baby Simkins loves it! I also have been reading to the baby some of the same books my mom read to me! My mom was really great at saving a lot of the books and items from when I was a baby and it’s been so special for me to have them for Baby Simkins.

I’ve been using my BellyBuds since my second trimester. They are super easy and comfortable to attach to my tummy as pictured above. You can learn more and get yours here on the WavHello website.

We don’t have long to go until our due date, and I’ll admit I’m going to miss bonding with this sweet babe in my belly and feeling baby kicks! The baby is especially active when I’m using my BellyBuds, which is such a special feeling!

What gadgets or routines did you try during your pregnancy that you loved? Share them in the comments section below!