Dealing With Discouragement

Overcoming Discouragement

 If you’re reading this, I can confidently guess that at some point this past year, in some way, shape, or form, you’ve found yourself in a discouraging situation. 

We’ve all been there. I personally have been through some very difficult times, and seasons in my life that have been very dark and extremely challenging. 

During difficult times, I tend to let those feelings of discouragement and loneliness creep up on me. But what’s most notable is that during those specific times in my life, there were very few people who actually stopped to take the time and ask, “How are you really doing?”

Keys to Conquering Discouragement

Are you currently in a season of discouragement, or disappointment? If you are, or recently have been, then you also know that it can be easy to try to simply brush it off when others ask how you’re doing.

“All is well, things are great, I’m fine.”

Yet behind that smile and those words, you might be dealing with pain, transition, and extreme change. Which can all then build to feelings of discouragement.

Dealing with Discouragement: It did not come to stay

When I find myself in these positions and hard times now, I repeat this phrase to myself,

“It did not come to stay, it came to pass.”

It’s a phrase that my father has always said to me, and is one worth repeating to yourself. Because it means that these times of darkness, depression, disappointment, are all just seasons if you choose to talk through them courageously. If we choose to push through, instead of staying stuck in the dark.

Another thought that can help you push through hard times: there is meaning behind your pain. The hard times are actually serving you a greater purpose, to potentially help you connect, be more empathetic, maybe even lead to a greater understanding. 

These words may be hard to read if you’re currently in the midst of disappointment and discouragement. But I can promise you, that when you are finally out on the other end of it, you will see it. 

Lastly, if you’re reading this from a place of reflection, and not currently struggling, I would encourage you to look at how you can help others in your life who might be feeling overcome with discouragement. 

Stop, and ask another question. 

Don’t allow conversations to simply stop at, “I’m fine.” 

Look harder, and dig into the relationships in your life… because odds are, they might be battling with something that you had no idea about.

Take the time to ask that extra question, and listen to what they have to say. 

Dealing with discouragement: Wrapping Up

This year has been a big season of change for many of us, on many levels, to the point where at times it has even affected others mental health. On that note, I encourage you to take time this week to stop and look around you. 

Who in your life may be dealing with discouragement? Who can you help, and remind… it did not come to stay… it came to pass.

Be that person this week to walk alongside your friend and family, and listen to what they may need to say. It could mean more than you know. 

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