Dealing With Transition (How To Get Unstuck)

Dealing With Transition

It can be daunting to start something new, and dealing with that transition period when you may have a lot to learn, and work through. So intimidating in fact, that we often see many people start the process of transitioning… but never finishing it. 

This example can apply to new jobs, career aspirations, life changes, even marriage. 

Why is this?

The reason that we see so many people starting, but never finishing, is because they get stuck. The transition period weighs down on them, overwhelms them, and ultimately slows them down. 

This is often why the word ‘transition’ too often gets a bad rep. 

Ah, they’re in a transition period,” is never necessarily a phrase that’s shared in an upbeat tone.

It’s unstable, uncertain, and projects the mindset that you just aren’t ‘quite there yet.

How To Get Better At Transitions

So let’s shift your transition perspective. Are you in the middle of a shift or transition right now – big, or small?

Instead of seeing the transitional time period as negative, or heavy, try instead seeing it as a time period of opportunity. When used to your advantage, transition can truly be a gift. 

Transition periods are the opportunity for us to step back, reflect, redefine, and determine what we truly want in that next phase. This concept is actually one that we don’t practice often enough, and can be useful to help provide some fresh perspective. 

Instead of frantically running on this treadmill called life, pause for a moment to ask yourself:

“Am I on the right path?”

“Am I doing what I want?”

“Are we getting our value?”  

Dealing with transitions of all kinds

Stepping up and making the best out of all transitions, of all shapes and sizes, is a leadership skill that we should all be working on. Not only does it give time to reflect and be present, but to also let go of some things that we can’t control. 

How can you start letting go, and reflecting?

I would encourage that you start by simply stepping back. Sit quietly in this particular transition period, and identify what it is that you want out of it. What do you want things to look like, post-transition? 

Then identify that first step, or single action that you can take to start moving that agenda forward. Before you know it, you’ll be moving out of the transitional period, and into a brand new, blooming stage of life. 

Do you want more help with transitions, and creating a 90-day plan around it? Sign-up below for my free Personal Brand Action template, let’s get to work!

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