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Strong Presence

The Power Of Developing A Strong Presence

How To Develop A Strong Presence It’s a question that we most likely don’t stop to ask ourselves often enough… What is the one thing that I can do for myself this week? While to-do lists and work calendars can feel overwhelming and time consuming, it’s important to keep in mind that one of the greatest, most simple gifts that you can give to yourself on a weekly basis is the ability to build and grow a strong presence. In…
Switching Off From Work Stress

How To Switch Off From Work Stress (3 Tips!)

3 Tips To Switch Off From Work Stress Recently, my husband and I traveled to Naples, Florida. It was a last minute trip, and to be honest, I had no idea how much I needed it until we were there. It was wonderful to relax and unplug, and truly take some time to step away from work. Which leads me to today’s topic: how to switch off from work stress. Switching off from work stress is no joke. And too…
Keys to time management

Keys To Time Management: The Power To Choose

Keys To Time Management: The Power To Choose I think we can all agree that this year has presented significant challenges. Yet something that hasn’t been discussed quite as frequently are the conflicting challenges that come from being home-bound more often than normal.  Whether it’s work, family, homeschooling, errands… the list goes on. The responsibilities are endless, and often overlapping. So, how do you prioritize them all? Keys To Time Management: How To Prioritize Believe me, I get it. More…
Race in the workplace

Race In The Workplace: Healing The Divide

Race In The Workplace These are truly unprecedented times. It’s a phrase that we’ve heard often throughout 2020, and will continue to hear. So today, I want to focus specifically on the topic of race in the workplace, and how we can grow and learn as leaders from current and recent events. The death of George Floyd has reminded us all that there is still very much a deep wound of racism in this country, that’s an undeniable fact. As…
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