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keys to a successful pitch

Keys To Mastering A Successful Pitch

Mastering a successful pitch Let’s kick off today with a little known fact about me… when I was younger, I actually used to compete in pageants! The reason is, when I was growing up I was super shy, and would struggle with public speaking situations.

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building a better future

Simple Steps To Build A Better Future

Simple Steps To Building A Better Future Question: Have you been sitting on the sidelines recently? Regardless of what your title might be at work, or how your daily personal life might be going, odds are, you’re currently in your comfort zone.  I’ve been there,

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dealing with discouragement

Dealing With Discouragement

Overcoming Discouragement  If you’re reading this, I can confidently guess that at some point this past year, in some way, shape, or form, you’ve found yourself in a discouraging situation.  We’ve all been there. I personally have been through some very difficult times, and seasons

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dealing with transition

Dealing With Transition (How To Get Unstuck)

Dealing With Transition It can be daunting to start something new, and dealing with that transition period when you may have a lot to learn, and work through. So intimidating in fact, that we often see many people start the process of transitioning… but never

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motivation into action

Simple Steps To Turn Motivation Into Action

The Key To Turning Motivation Into Action These days, the buzzword “self help” is one that is thrown around often. So much so that the self help industry is estimated to grow to well over $13 billion dollars in value within the next two years.

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