Simple Steps To Turn Motivation Into Action

The Key To Turning Motivation Into Action

These days, the buzzword “self help” is one that is thrown around often.

So much so that the self help industry is estimated to grow to well over $13 billion dollars in value within the next two years.

Even with that statistic aside, it’s very evident that a lot of people, around the world, are seeking motivation, inspiration, and ways to improve their quality of life. 

Yet here’s the catch when it comes to motivation…

Motivation, without action, is empty. 

It’s easy and often mindless to just scroll through your phone, and social media, looking for inspiration. From reading motivational quotes, books, to even watching motivational videos; all of this might make you feel motivated, temporarily. 

But the disconnect is the lack of action. So, what are you doing to turn motivation into action? 

How Do You Turn Motivation Into Action?

Start with baby steps. Ask yourself right now, in this moment, “What can I do to take small steps forward, and start to turn my motivation into action?”

Let’s take getting up earlier in the mornings, for example. Many of us might struggle with hitting snooze, or even turning off our alarms altogether. 

So what are some simple steps that can be taken to use the motivation, and achieve the goal?

  • Lay out your clothes the night before.
  • Set your alarm clock/phone out in the hall, so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. 
  • Set your coffee maker to start making coffee around the new time that you want to wake up. 

All of these are action items that can help you work towards achieving the goals that you were motivated to set. The good news is that the process is often cyclical. 

When motivation leads to action, that action often prompts further motivation!

Motivation Into Action: Moving Beyond

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to discourage you from reading motivational books or articles. But if and when the words do truly motivate you to want to make change, I highly encourage that you move beyond just the thoughts and the words, and start translating them into action items. 

The action, and the doing, is where you will start to see the change happening. 

On a personal level, I’m someone who truly loves motivation and helping others, which is why I make these episodes, write these articles, and even create our Velvet Suite courses and events

But at the end of the day, I’m a strategist. So I know that without both motivation and direction – or without “the how” – that I can get stuck, and even start to become doubtful. Which is exactly what prompted me to want to talk through the concept of pushing motivation into action with you today. 

Wrapping Up: How Will You Move Motivation Into Action?

I want to encourage you to look at this from a big picture perspective, to start. Then break it down into bite-sized pieces, and identify the steps that can help you move forward in these processes that you are undertaking. Don’t let your ideas and desire to change overwhelm you… break the change down, into small action steps. 

Wrapping up, what step will you take today to take action, and move your motivation into achievement? Comment below and let me know, I want to hear all about it!

Do you tend to struggle to put together a course of action when it comes to systems, and goals?

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