My New Normal

This month, I added a new title to my name…Mommy. On August 11, 2016 at 4:41 PM, our lives changed forever. Kingston Edward Simkins was born.

I’ve heard my mom and others talk about this overwhelming sense of love that comes at birth. I now know exactly what they mean. From the moment I heard his first cry, my heart burst with joy and my soul was in awe.

Now, after a week or so of sleepless nights filled with crack-of-dawn bonding moments, I am have a new normal.  My favorite hand bag has been replaced with a baby bag on my shoulder at all times!

diaper bag
Exchanging my designer bag for a diaper bag.

I’ve discovered a new appreciation for silence, sleep and moving slow — all of which I deeply undervalued when I was single and jet setting. It’s time for change but how do you embrace a new normal?

You may not be a new mother but all of us go through seasons of change. Right now kids are going back to school and summer is wrapping up. The change of seasons requires a change of mindset.

In this new season, I’m filled with many emotions. I’m excited, grateful, nervous, uncertain, overwhelmed and these are just a few feelings that come to mind. Emotions are facts but facts change, just like the weather. I’m learning to focus on truth.

When you are faced with emotions about a changing season in your life…feel empowered. You have a choice. You can be ruled by the facts that change or you can choose to live by the truth.

In this new season, I’m choosing to embrace the truth about change. The truth tells me this about my new normal:

“He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it.” Philippians 1:6
Savoring mommy time in the rocker at the hospital.

1. Know you are equipped with everything you need to be successful in this new season – It took so long for us to conceive; I didn’t think much about the fact that a baby eventually has to come out. LOL! I was nervous about delivery…who wouldn’t be? This is a fact. The truth is women have delivered babies since the beginning of time. My body is equipped to do this with success. God always finishes what He starts. I did it! I was able to deliver a healthy baby boy.

“He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it.” Philippians 1:6

2. Savor what is left of this season, while preparing for the next – I’m a summer baby and I love this time of year. However, we are quickly approaching the end of summer. Now, I’m enjoying and relishing in the little things in this transition. For example, the silence in my home before everyone awakes. This is the time to reflect on this journey and dream again. Before you become overwhelmed with where you are going, stop to savor where you are. You may not come back this way again, so don’t let anxiety rob you of the blessing of this moment.

3. Letting go of the minor empowers you to embrace the major – Everything is not a priority. You have to know each day what are your pivotal priorities. For me, it is spending time with God to reconnect with what matters, taking care of me, taking care of my husband, our baby and my business. Knowing my priorities forces me to make choices. It helps me to align what matters most and eliminate the fat.

First Doctors Visit2 (2)
Handling business…on our way to our first doctor appointment.

I’m learning to embrace a new season in my life. I’m learning that slow is actually satisfying. I’m embracing a whole new rhythm and I’m leaving space for all the unexpected surprises that will come along this journey.

I believe change is coming your way. I want to encourage you to embrace it, don’t fight it. Realize that through change and the unexpected come our biggest blessings.

Cheers to our new normal and loving every moment of the journey!