The 4 Most Important Questions To Package Yourself For Success

Package Yourself For Success

Right now more than ever, there’s an expressed desire and urgency behind the need to give underrepresented populations more opportunities. Leveling the playing field, and looking for talent that may need to be elevated is at the forefront of many company’s minds.

So, knowing that the question of ‘where are the opportunities to elevate talent’ is on the mind of many… today I want to talk about what you can specifically do to package yourself, and elevate your visibility.

Why Package Yourself?

In this very moment, someone out there is searching for the exact skillset and offerings that you bring to the table. Think about it. So many people out there who are looking for someone with your skill sets, simply do not yet know who you are, and what value you can bring to the table. 

So what can you do about it? How can you elevate your brand visibility, and package yourself?

Let’s start by listing out four KILLER questions (that I often default to) to help prepare you, and package yourself, so that you’re ready when the opportunity hits. 

Define Your Difference With Your Personal Brand

Let’s start with this important concept to keep in mind: brands are all about difference. The uniqueness that your brand’s package brings to the table is a good thing, so don’t hide it. 

Capitalize on what makes your personal brand, and your presence, different from others. 

How will you show up, package yourself and your value, in a way that differentiates you from the competition?

Packaging Strategy Question #1: Why you?

What is it about your and your brand that makes you different. WHY do you stand out?

Now there are a lot of answers and routes that you can go with this, so I would encourage you to take some time to sit down and define your own brand story.

Package Yourself, Question #2: Why now?

Why are you relevant, right now, in this quarter, in this year? One of my favorite quotes by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you. 

In other words, it’s not simply about having a message for your brand. It’s about having a message for the moment that we are in. What is it that you can do, and how can you potentially repackage yourself, to show relevance right now?

Brand Packaging Question #3: What’s your track record?

This is an important one to remember at when packaging yourself. You must be able to quantify and qualify your results. 

  • How has your brand made an impact?
  • What is it that you did differently?
  • What was the outcome after the fact?

If you are able to demonstrate your results, and show that story through testimonials and support, this is another huge step in packaging yourself and your track record. 

Package Yourself, Question #4: What’s next?

Just packaging and elevating yourself isn’t enough. What will be the next steps, what will be your follow-up?

This might look like requesting a meeting, following up with a proposal, perhaps time to pitch your message,  setting time to get feedback, or even to start a negotiation process

Whatever it is that is the logical next step, make sure to take that time to follow up. This allows for clarity around how things will (or perhaps, won’t) move forward.

Packaging Yourself For Success

In order for you to package yourself well, and step-up with your personal brand, I hope you’ll take time to answer those four questions. They will help give you more direction and clarity than you realize, and ultimately prepare you for the next opportunities that come your way. 

Do you want more helping elevating and defining your brand visibility?

Grab my free Brand Building Tool to help Elevate Your Visibility, and Perfect Your Pitch! 

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