Packaging Your Personal Brand Pitch: 3 Simple Tips

How To Package Your Personal Brand Pitch

How do you build a personal brand of recognition? 

This is a question that I get asked often, and it might even be one that’s weighing on you as you read this. 

Where do you start, if you don’t have a strong social media following… or a massive email list?

Building a brand of recognition may seem like an impossible task, and many of us struggle with where to even start. Today I want to dig into three simple steps that you can take to help get a plan into place. It all starts with building out your personal brand pitch

3 Steps To Building Your Personal Brand Pitch

Let’s start by taking a look at the three steps, and then dive deeper into each one.  

  1. Defining your message
  2. Choosing the medium to share your message
  3. Establishing consistency with the process

What is a personal brand pitch?

A good way to help illustrate specific steps that you can take to define and maximize your personal brand pitch is to walk through my own journey

When I first decided to move from the corporate world into the entrepreneurial world, I knew that my true passion and purpose was rooted in people. With that in mind, I wanted to create a space to help define personal brands, instead of the product brands that I was used to at that point. This knowledge is what helped me to define my message.

Next came the medium, and I decided to communicate my personal brand pitch through a book, entitled ‘Brand Me’ that was released in the early 2000’s. The book wasn’t an immediate hit, but eventually gained traction when I decided to repackage my personal brand pitch into a different medium…  an opportunity to speak and promote my personal brand pitch on CNN. 

Personal Brand Statement: Evolving Mediums

The speaking opportunity went well, and I realized that it was a better time than ever to once again repackage and repitch. I turned parts of my Brand Me book into a CD, which was then passed on to a TV Producer that gave me the opportunity to have my own TV segment called ‘Morning Motivation’ on CNN. 

The repacking of my pitch continued, and I was eventually able to host the ‘Brand Me Minute’ on

And what you’re now reading and watching today? Melissa Motivation is just another example of the repackaging of my initial personal brand pitch (the book), presented and consumed through a different medium. 

Personal Brand Pitch & Establishing Consistency

What you also might notice through this journey is that I never stayed stagnant; the repacking and reintroducing of various mediums allowed me to remain consistent with my personal brand pitch, never allowing it to fall off. 

I stayed true to the steps that would help me continue to build my personal brand pitch, which where: 

  • Finding my message, consistently, decade over decade, which was always centered around personal brand.
  • Continuously shifting my medium, by listening to my audience, and building on my strengths, which allowed me to use use the knowledge that I had to the best of my ability. 
  • Finally, I was consistent with my brand pitch through all of the medium changes. This led to building my audience, credibility, expertise, and confidence. 

Owning Your Personal Brand

Don’t let the above steps intimidate, let’s start this week by looking at what you have:

  1. A Message
  2. Opportunities to communicate the message
  3. The discipline to do this consistently

It’s that simple. Master the three steps, and your personal brand will become one that’s in demand, and valued.

Not only that, you’ll give yourself the chance to elevate to doing what you love, and getting what you’re worth.

 Need more help helping to build out, and define your personal brand pitch? You can download my free tool below! 

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