The Importance Of Having A Personal Growth Strategy: The Why & The How

What is a personal growth strategy?

Ask yourself this: how do you plan to stretch yourself, out of your comfort zone, so that you are pursuing improvement each and every day?

Without a personal growth strategy, and answers to the above question, our progress can become fall off, or be put on the back burner. 

It may feel like a more difficult time of year to get yourself motivated… and you may just feel like right now is all about trying to manage the status quo, and keep it all together… my hope is that you can use this article for some future planning and motivation, as we head towards a new year. 

Because while simply managing life is necessary, I’m here to remind us all (including myself) that if that’s ALL that we focus on – the day in, and day out tasks – that it can actually derail personal growth progress, also dragging down our value in the process. 

How Can I Improve My Personal Growth?

The solution? Getting a growth strategy into place. 

This doesn’t need to be complicated, or even time-consuming, but getting a PLAN into place to ensure that you aren’t staying stagnant, or becoming complacent, can pay off dividends in the long-run. A great place to start is asking yourself a simple question: 

Where in my life do I want to grow?

Remember, personal growth can mean A LOT more than just career aspirations and progression. Other areas of personal development growth that you can improve upon include:

  • Relationships
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Personal development (i.e. learning new skills, hobbies) 

All of these are great areas to look at and evaluate when you take the time to start defining where you want to grow. 

What are Personal Growth Strategies?

Next step?

Let’s define HOW you will grow. Keeping the areas that you identified in mind, what are some activities, exercises, or even experiences that we can pursue for continued growth?

As you start to think through the how, I would encourage you to look at some of the unexplored or unexpected areas. Have you recently been forced to pivot in an unexpected way? What were some changes made across your year that you weren’t initially planning on? How have you had to step up as a leader, when it wasn’t expected?

Think about it… while many scenarios in 2020 may have felt very forced, last minute, or frantic in the moment… how did some of those situations actually contribute to your own personal growth? 

What opportunities do you currently have across your life, that you could potentially use as opportunities for personal growth? The answers that you come up with may surprise you. 

The Importance of Personal Growth Strategies

At the end of the day, personal growth can be uncomfortable, and even scary. But oftentimes, when you move forward anyways, and do it scared, it can allow you to fail forward, learn from the results, and stretch yourself to grow your brand worth in the process

Some outcomes of growth can look like increased productivity, stronger or more consistent skillsets… ultimately elevating your personal brand value

Speaking of elevation, do you want more help building confidence, and elevating your brand value? Check out my free tip sheet!

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