Keys To Mastering A Successful Pitch

Mastering a successful pitch

Let’s kick off today with a little known fact about me… when I was younger, I actually used to compete in pageants!

The reason is, when I was growing up I was super shy, and would struggle with public speaking situations. So pageants actually gave me an opportunity, at a young age, to practice presenting my message, ultimately leading to me understanding what a successful pitch looks like. 

This week, I want to revisit something that I learned back in my pageant days; how to master the moment, before the moment. 

What does this mean in relation to building a successful pitch? 

In the moment, in the midst of being with all the other girls on stage, I knew I only had a few seconds to walk up to that microphone and say something memorable. And those moments only began to improve when I made sure to take the time, beforehand, to prepare a successful pitch.

What do you say in a pitch?

Let me clarify that your pitch can be much more than a simple work pitch about yourself, or a pitch during a pageant. Preparing your pitch can be getting ready for a big work conversation, meeting, or presentation. It can also be a discussion with your spouse, or a family member… or positioning yourself for a raise at the office. 

A great concept to keep in mind whenever you’re preparing for a successful pitch is that everything in life is a negotiation. So how will you convey your value, and set yourself up for future success?

Key to delivering a successful pitch: mastering the moment

A huge key to mastering the moment for a successful pitch is making sure to do your own research, ahead of time. 

While preparing for the conversation, bring into consideration the time of day that it is. This can affect what the audience’s mindset may be during the pitch itself, and understanding not only who you’re connecting with, but what they might be feeling in that particular moment. 

Delivering your pitch with empathy and consideration ultimately helps make your message stick, as well as leaving your as a likeable person. So even if your message isn’t immediately received, or you’re not instantly given a ‘yes’ – you’re still setting yourself up to get that next conversation. 

Takeaways to building a successful pitch 

The next time you’re preparing for a big conversation or meeting, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How will I prepare?
  2. How will I think through and provide relevant content?
  3. How will I connect and relate to my audience?

A successful pitch has all three of the above thought-through and ready to go, ultimately creating advantage for you and your own personal brand. Or in cases that you are working remotely, this also works to increase and improve your online brand presence

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